we're enabling AI for every business.​

At Heyx, our AI based chatbot solution enable every business to grow smartly with better customer experience. We are innovating everyday like never before, that’s all behind us.

Our Vision

Humans are not for boring tasks. but AI is.

At heyx, our vision is to transform business using AI based chatbots and virtual assistant. AI can impact everyday operation and result peerless growth without human integration. 

why chatbots

Engage customers with personalized conversations.

At Heyx, we enable every businesses to personalize conversation using AI so they can build relationship with every customer at their preferred channel. Which will result more sales, better support and enhanced customer experience.

Step Into the future with us.

Start offering your customer Artificial intelligence experience. Schedule a meeting with us to know more about how chatbot can increase business revenue by 10x, calculate ROI and chatbot development process.